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MQTT Training


MQTT is an industry-standard pub/sub protocol for interprocess communication. Here is a list of upcoming training classes.

MQTT Training Schedule 
Location MQTT Class Name Date SPONSOR  
Katowice Python and Javascript Tutorial Dec 9, 18:30 HackerSpace Silesia  
Wroclaw Python and Javascript Tutorial Dec. or Jan.    
Warsaw Python and Javascript Tutorial  December Facebook Przesztrzen  
Berlin MQTT Lecture January 22 or 23 GoDays Berlin  
Berlin GoLang and Javascript Tutorial  Febuary Paid Class  
Pittsburg Python and Javascript Tutorial April 16 Just before PyCon US  
Your City Your Choice Anytime  Your Company  


This class is initially being given in Katowice, Wroclaw, and Warsaw.  I would like to give it in other cities, particularlry in Germany.   It is initially being given in Python and Javascript.    I could also do it in GoLang and Javascript.   


One process publishes information to a topic, other processes can subscribe to that topic. MQTT supports multiple Quality Of Service Levels: bes t effort, at least once, and exactly once.  There is a tree of topics, so it is ideal for managing complexity.  MQTT is an industry standard, so it runs on every platform imaginable. By the end of the lecture you should know enough to decide if MQTT is right for your projects, and which tools to use.  By the end of the tutorial, you will have experience  using the APIs and will have built a nice looking chat application. 

The class starts with a 15 minute presentation.  Here are the slides.  Then we work with MQTT.

First we will connect to and test our MQTT servers with  MQTT Explorer

This class is being given in Python, Javascript, and soon GoLang.   For this tutorial we are going to create two Python chat clients in two terminals.  One will read the users text message and publish it.  The other will print everyones messages.  

Next we will send and receive chat messages from a browser console using Javascript.

And finally we will hook up an html chat widget to the broker.  By the end of the class, everyone will have built their own GUI client for the class chat server. 

Everyone please install MQTT Explorer.

For the Python tutorial, you should already have a Python 3 develooment environment. 

Please install Paho MQTT library. 

pip install paho-mqtt

For the GoLang tutorial you shoul dalready have a GoLang development environment installed. 

go get

The client depends on Google's proxy package and the websockets package, also easily installed with the commands:

go get
go get

2 - 3 hours is a good length of time for the tutorial.    

See you soon!



Christopher Lozinski is an MIT graduate, serial entrepreneur, dual US-EU citizen, and polyglot. Instead of seeking Venture Capital, he moved from Silicon Valley to Poland.   He is about to release an MQTT chat database docker container.    He is building hierarchical chat servers  as part of the Forest Chat Wiki.