The Men’s Rights Manifesto


This Document is currently under construction, and as such some sections are empty/unedited.



The Men’s Rights Manifesto

This Document is currently under construction, and as such some sections are empty/unedited


All human beings are born with fundamental and inalienable rights. These rights should be protected without discrimination or distinction of any kind. Protecting human rights requires us to look to see where they are not protected and to rectify those violations.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is one of the most significant documents in the world, and it is time we held it up to our culture to see if it is being acted upon. Men have done much to help society; they have literally built our cities, ploughed our fields, fought our wars, protected our people, and manufactured our goods for generations. They are equally deserving of respect and equal treatment.. As such, this manifesto is intended to do the following:


1) Highlight the areas where the human rights of men are routinely and explicitly violated, using the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a guide.


2) Propose workable solutions that preserve and further the aims of Article One: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights..


We are currently in the process of rewriting this document. Please excuse the formatting.




Articles Three & Four:

Men’s right to  “life, liberty and security of person.”, and their right not to be “held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms” is violated in the following ways:

The Draft & Mandatory Male Service

In the event that a Draft is triggered, men across the given country are forced to become military slaves against their will. Even in peacetime, many countries require men to join the army for a number of months or years. This is mandatory, and the penalties for not doing so are often extreme (heavy fines or prison time). In the event that a Draft is triggered, men across the given country are forced to become military slaves and fight against their will - despite any and all objections to the war. If they do not, they may be put in prison. 


Our Demands: Either abolish mandatory service and the draft, or make them apply equally to both genders.  If women are allowed to take soft public-service jobs as part of their service, men must also be allowed.


Unequal and Punitive Child Support: Laws allow courts to demand that men pay for a child, even if he has no right to see it. In some cases, the child doesn't even have be related to the man - a woman can demand money from him, provided he took on a ‘parenting role’.




Article Five:

Men’s right not to be “subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment” is violated in the following ways:


Non-Consensual Male Circumcision

Genital Mutilation is defined as the forcible and non-consentual tearing/cutting/flaying of skin from the genitals of unwilling children (without immediate medical need). Even the mildest forms of female genital mutilation (FGM) rightly horrify people, and are banned across most of the Western World; however, society has chosen to turn a blind eye to the same procedue when preformed on boys. It is illegal to even prick the genitals of a female child with a pin, and yet we allow hospitals and unqualified home practitioners to routinely butcher the genitals of young boys. This results in:

  • Immediate excruciating pain and trauma to an infant child.

  • High possibility of infection, due to the wound being allowed to come into contact with feces inside the child’s nappy.

  • Permanent damage to the brain, due to trauma.

  • Lifelong sexual dysfunction and reduction of pleasure due to removal of one of the most sensitive parts of the penis, which acts as a protective cover for the glans. The boy will find it hard or impossible to masterbate without lube and tools. They will find that sex is less pleasarable, and that their penis becomes desentitised an callosused without its covering. Risk of erectile dysfunction is greatly increased.

  • No tangible benfits that do not also apply to FGM.

Our Demands: ALL non-consensual elective surgery on male genitalia should be treated with the same gravity as similar operations on female genitalia. Involuntary Circumcision without a legitimate medical reason should be made illegal immediately. Circumcision of children is a painful and barbaric practice that should be reserved for cases of pure medical necessity. Practicing it without anesthetic (except in cases of cancer, or other extreme need) should be grounds for immediate termination of medical licence, and prosecution for torture.  






Articles Six & Seven:

Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law. and “All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.”


Court & Prosecution Biases 

It is very well documented that police and court bias causes men to be twice as likely to be arrested, and convicted, as women. Men receive 63% harsher sentences for the same crimes, and are less likely to be paroled. These figures are even worse for black men, and men of ethnic minority groups, who receive the toughest sentences of all. This bias extends to civil and family courts. Men are far less likely to gain custody of their children - even with proof that the mother is abusive. 


Our Demands: A radical overhaul of the entire justice system, including mandatory retraining of all personnel. The Family Courts must be opened to scrutiny by impartial experts. Reform laws must be enacted to take account of modern families, with a preference for 50/50 custody in cases where there are no signs of abuse. The last remnants of The Tender Years Doctrine must be expunged. In cases of abuse accusations, these must be definitively proven before they can count against a person. Effort must be made to hunt out corruption and bias against men in the courts, and the elimination of the so-called ‘Silver Bullet’ of malicious false accusations.





Lack of dedicated government funding and departments for men: In the USA, UK, and EU there are a great number of offices and government organisations dedicated to women, and none dedicated to men. Examples include: The Office of Women's Health, UN Women, and The Women’s Bureau in the Department of Labor. There are no equivalents for men. Our Demand is the immediate founding of equivalent organisations dedicated to men’s health, wellbeing, and so on.


Article Nine:

Men’s right to never be “subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.” is violated in the following ways:


The Duluth Model

This system and all its variants are clear violations of Article Nine, as well as Article Seven. Its sole purpose is to enshrine a fundamental and systematic bias against men into our police, courts, charities, and more. The Duluth model dictates that men calling the police to report an abuser be arrested and viewed as the aggressor, simply because they are male. His hands will be examined to determine if he hit her, and she will be asked about it. Any bruises on the men are considered defensive, and on the women they are seen as signs of a traumatic attack. The system requires that authorities:

  • Treat all male partners as potential abusers.

  • Treat all female partners as potential victims.

  • Ignore all evidence that abuse was committed by the women.

  • Only ever believe the women.

  • Treat male victims of abuse as if they do not exist.

  • Treat female abusers as if they do not exist.

  • Treat all claims of victimhood from men as an attempt to ‘shift blame onto the real victim’.


This system continues to be used, despite a huge body of research showing that it is fraudulent. Including: 


  • A huge body of research showing that domestic violence is suffered (and committed) by both genders, equally. Some research even shows that women are the majority of all abusers. 

  • Confessions by the original creators of the Duluth system that it is un-scientific, excludes evidence, and was constructed solely from their own biases.

  • Vast numbers of male victims who have tried to speak out.


Our Demands: The Duluth Model (and all similar systems) should be completely torn out and replaced by an equality and justice-focused system. Police, courts, and charities should retrain staff to understand that men can be victims - as well as the ways in which women can be abusers. Batterers Programs should be opened to women, and victim services to men.


Automatic Belief Of False Allegations

Campaigns such as #BelieveAllWomen & #MeToo, even with good intentions, have eroded the principals of Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Men are now seen as guilty until proven innocent in regards to crimes against women.

No Prosecution For False Allegations By Women: In order to spare rape victims the worry of not being beleived, campaigners have pushed the police to dismiss cases where women make deliberate false allegations. This is a deliberate attempt to cover up the prevalence of these cases, and has the knock on effect of ensuring that any man accused of rape is seen as guilty - based on that accusation alone.







Unsorted Articles


  • Body Autonomy

    • Rape Of Men & Boys: Considered a ‘less serious’ crime, or even ‘impossible’, by the police and courts - as well as most of the general public. Many countries lack any formal way to charge a woman with rape at all. Those that do tend to dub it ‘Made To Penatrate’ and class it as a form of sexual assault. This means that rape of males by females is often treated as a ‘lesser crime’ or ‘rarer’, if not non-existant. By not classifying it as rape, male victims are left confused over what happend and how to discribe it. Statistics usually fail to call “Made To Penatrate” rape. This leads to them having two catagories of rape for men - one of which is called rape, the other is labled ‘Made To Penatrate’. This means that men appear to be raped far less than women, and mostly by other men. The crime can even be reversed so that the victim is blamed. It is often deemed less serious. It may even have legal consequences for the victim, as it can backfire. 

  • Mental Health

    • Focus On Men’s Mental Health: Mental support organizations are often biased against men, and fail to realize that men suffer more than women when it comes to mental health. 

    • Suicide: “In 2018, men died by suicide 3.56x more often than women.”- (AFSP). These numbers are good at showing how men have it worse in western society, when it comes to mental health.

  • Sexual & Reproductive Health

    • Lack of Reproductive Rights: For men, consent to sex, or being raped is consent to have a baby and support the child until they turn 18. Unlike women, men have no right to give up their baby. Even if a woman obtains his sperm illegally, he has no rights over it - but she has the right to demand monetary support from him.

    • No ‘Finacial Abortion’:

  • Family & Relationships

    • Abusive Partners: Men suffer from more than 50% of all domestic violence, but they are systematically ignored and treated as the default abusers.

    • Lacking Father: Not having a father is one of the highest statistical indicators of future criminal/suicide/drug abuser risk factors. The attitude seems to be that “You Only Need A Mother” for a family to succeed.

    • Bias In Family Courts: Women have all the power in family courts, and can easily get custody, even when they clearly are not qualified.

    • Media Bias

    • Attacking Boys: Hostility to men is rampant in the media. Here is a video that demonstrates this

    • Glorifying Feminism: This ideology is often used to bludgeon men by the media.

  • Male Disposability

    • Wars: “Female veterans comprised 1.9% of all casualties and 2.4% of all deaths” - (Brooke Army Medical Center)

    • Workplace Fatalities:

  • Education & Children

    • Male Teachers: Much like single fathers, male teachers are treated as suspected peadophiles in primary education.