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The Forest chat wiki does many things.

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The Forest Chat Wiki is organized as a tree of topics.  For each topic there is both a wiki page, and a chat page.    Like Wikipedia or Moin Moin you can edit each wiki page.  Like Slack, or Discord each  topic has its own chat channel.  But unlike Wikipedia, it is a tree of wiki pages, so that you can organize your information as a taxonomy.  And unlike Slack,  it is a tree of chat channels,  not just a list, so that you can keep your chat channels organized.   And unlike Wikipedia, you get a WYSIWYG HTML editor.  And unlike all of those applications, you can customize the look and feel with a browser. 

And best of all, it is your own docker container, so no  internet giant is collecting and selling your group's private data. 

The Forest Chat Wiki lets you edit both the  content and the look and feel n the browser.     The managementinterface lets you  add, edit and rearrange the chat pages,    It is trivial to create a new topic with associated wiki apge and chat page.  And trivial to rearrange the topic tree. You can copy interesting parts of the chat logs to the relevant wiki page.  You can add and edit Google maps, map locations,  files and images.   You can edit the content with either the  WYSIWYG CKeditor, or with the more technical syntax checking Ace editor.

To change the look and feel,  you add and edit   HTML     CSS,  CSS Folder,    Javascript,    Javascript  Folder  CoffeeScript, Pug, Python, and   Trhanscypt Folder  objects.  

The forest wiki supports two ways of running Python in the browser.  Pyodide, from Mozilla, compiles  cPython to WebAssembly which runs in the browser.  Pyodide includes over 37 of the best data science libraries.  Any pure Python package can be downloaded from PyPi.  The other way to run Python in the browser, is to use Transcrypt which transpiles Python to Javascript.  Transcrypt has just a 50 kByte run time.  It loads fast.

The Forest wiki is great  for teaching Pyodide,Transcrypt, and  Pug.    Every student can get their own account.  For very advanced students, each student can get their own docker container. is a single page web app built on top of the Forest Wiki. 

The Software Stack

 The Client  The Server
 Python Source  Forest Wiki
 Ace Editor  Cromlech
 Transcrypt  Pyodide
 Javascript   WebAssembly 
The Browser  Docker


Child Web Pages

1. Forest Wiki Installation Instructions How to install the Forest Wiki on Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.
2. Forest Wiki Training Class Notes for the Forest Wiki class
3. Pug and Iodide Classes Description of classes
4. Other Other Interesting Wiki Pages
5. Demos Various demos are stored here.
6. Teaching Progression According to Piaget's theories, students need to start off with simple concepts and build on them layer by layer. This page describes the recommended sequence for teaching web development in the browser using the Forest Chat Wiki.
7. Users How this product benefits different users.
8. GoDays Berlin 2020 A conference on GoLang in Berlin.