Maps of Organizations Fighting Climate Change


Find local politicians and organizations fighting climate change.


The problem is that the carbon lobby allegedly pays the internet giants to promote carbon consumption.  So we all need to reduce our usage of the internet giants, get offline, and meet other climate change activists in person.  These maps and lists should help you to find the local  politiians and organizations. 

This web site is starting locally, but it is also covering major international organizations. Please volunteer to help cover organizations in your region.

I invite you to add your organization, or better yet, login and add yourself.    If you login, I can give you permission to add politicians. 

Editors Note:

I am looking for editors/curators to help with branches of the tree. Please send me an email  if you are interested.  

Child Web Pages

1. Geographically Distributed Organizations Here you will lists of geographically distributed organizations fighting climate change. Many have their own maps.
2. the-world A map of organizations fighting climate change. It is just getting started. Please add your organization.
3. About This WebSite Contact Info, and more.
4. Climate Change Overview
5. Contact My contact informaiton
6. Important Articles and Links Here are the webpages which I rercommend you read.
7. News Organizations Recommended sources of news about Climate Change. These organizations do not censor climate change news.
8. The Best Climate Change Videos Great short videos about climate change